Let’s … GO ? Google推出新的程式語言



We believe it’s worth trying again with a new language, a concurrent, garbage-collected language with fast compilation. Regarding the points above:

  • It is possible to compile a large Go program in a few seconds on a single computer.
  • Go provides a model for software construction that makes dependency analysis easy and avoids much of the overhead of C-style include files and libraries.
  • Go’s type system has no hierarchy, so no time is spent defining the relationships between types. Also, although Go has static types the language attempts to make types feel lighter weight than in typical OO languages.
  • Go is fully garbage-collected and provides fundamental support for concurrent execution and communication.
  • By its design, Go proposes an approach for the construction of system software on multicore machines.


題外話,Google迄今已經擁有了搜尋引擎、Email、網路文書軟體、瀏覽器(chrome)、OS (android),現在又有了程式語言…。攤開列表,除了Microsoft以外,還真沒有第二家公司跟Google一樣有這麼多產品。戰線拉這麼長卻還不顯疲態,Google真是一家神奇的公司。

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