Startup Weekend Taiwan 舉辦台灣第一場硬體創業週末活動

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過去一年以來,非營利組織 Startup Weekend 的台灣團隊成功地在台北、新竹、高雄等地舉辦過好幾場創業週末的活動,就像「趨勢網路軟體百萬程式競賽」的複賽一樣,一次把所有參與者聚集在同一個地方長達 54 個小時。與趨勢競賽不同的是,這是個創業活動,所以沒有「題目」這回事,當然也就沒有「答案」的這種東西,我想每個人注重的應該是「這幾天我都幹什麼去了,別人都幹什麼去了」。這可不像參加創業講座,聽聽上面的人說說什麼,或是跟旁邊的朋友聊聊天認識一下就結束了,長達 54 小時的創業聚會,Startup Weekend 舉辦的可是一場硬生生的「創業過程」體驗營。

創業人或多或少都曾經有過這樣的經驗,偶然間想到一些點子,跟朋友熱烈的討論起來,越討論越起勁,聊到最後都感覺商機已經眼前了,這下子”明天”就會開始獲利了。熱情一過,幾天過去了,幾個月過去了,幾年過去了,偶然從電視看到與自己當年的點子類似的產品出現了,就只剩一句「這以前我也想過欸」能說嘴。我認為這其中缺少的,不只是「執行力」,還少了一股「熱情的激盪」。當 Startup Weekend 的主辦單位把一群熱情的創業人長時間的聚集在一起,請這些參與者上台解說自己的點子,請這些參與者一起激盪,請這些參與者一起組成團隊,請這些參與者一起實現想法的時候,熱情的激盪就會產生了,相互砥礪與合作就會產生了,執行力就會產生了。

SEP 14, 2012 / 18:30 – SEP 16, 2012 / 21:00

這次 Startup Weekend 舉辦的活動還有另一個特色,與前幾次活動不同的是,這次是衝著「結合硬體」而來。我們都知道台灣可以說是做硬體跟代工起家的,這幾十年的發展,累積出不少硬體研發的產業。但是軟硬結合這件事情,卻可以算是冷門中的冷門,硬體產業的公司只搞的動硬體,而軟體產業的公司很多只管「電腦」世界裡的軟體。從 Smart Phone 問世後,軟硬結合這件事情可以算是「浮上檯面」,但是我認為它不應該只發生在手機,除了手機應該還有更多有趣、實用的軟硬結合創意才是。希望 Startup Weekend Taiwan 的這場「硬體創業週末活動」能夠讓不同領域的高手認識,相互激發與合作。
對於這個活動有興趣的朋友,可以到 Startup Weekend Taiwan Hardware 的活動網站研究一下怎麼報名。

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  • Johndoe


  • Johndoe

    i do not think that it helps a lot for the entrepreneurs of taiwanese .
    the major problem of the new generation of taiwanese entrepreneur is about where to get the capital in order to start up .

    most venture capitals in taiwan is unable to afford to losing thier fund to wait a new business successfully being marketed .

    a good idea needs someone who is able to recognize the value of it ,it is not only talking about it but also discussion .

    moreover , who is able to afford to share a valuable idea ?
    who provides the solution of legal issue ?

    do you not see …. even mark zuckerberg ,somehow, still needs to cheat in order to make the dream come true .

    have you ever consider about the position of the twins , winklevos , in the movie .
    what would you think if you were them ?

    who would believe that it is for real if there is no chance for the most of common youth that is from lower society to see the possibilities of success ? even if they are just students in the schools and the colleges .

    i am not talking about NTU , CHU and CKU ? i am talking about the one who got the best idea from everywhere …. 

    utilitarianism is now killing the hope that belongs the rest of the others without a good qualification .

    by the way 
    you can do nothing for dream coming true …. that is why where to find the right one or the people to be with you gathering the rest of others you needed in order to stay until you success which becomes very important ….

    the competition is cruel … what if you fail ? what else you can do ?

    in the era of our youth …. they have to complete with the world …. not only comparing with the others in local …..

    did all of you figure out the problem ?

    if you got something good for it ….. we need no other from the world but ourselves …..

    i think that is the problem we got here today in taiwan 

  • Koegler

    to reply to Johndoe, the problem of funding is not only in Taiwan, it’s worldwide, it’s recon that an entrepreneur need in average 400 trials from simple pitch to full 5+ meeting to get one of the 400 funded! Disney, the KFC founder etc also failed about 400 times before funding… But of ocurse, as Taiwan is nearly a big family and a relatively small country but with wealthy and some successfull peoples, I see it’s also the mission of the leaders from poluitics, higher education to motivate the founders of Acer, Asus, Foxconn, Farglory, Formosa and a lot of others I don’t know as European, to create some funds and venture capital. If well managed, it won’t kill them and with a little chgance, give them a better return as  probably their often almost based on real estate wealth…